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Our projects for 2009

               1999 -2009, for ten years already we have been helping children and families infected or affected by HIV.

                "Mały Książe"
, mean  The little prince  in english.

Welcome !    

            Each year we organize summer camps for children aged 7 - 15 years, currently planned for the first half of July. This year, thank you to submit your applications before the 30th of March 2009, because we have to close the reservations.

              In Poland, we can say that HIV / AIDS remains a stigmatized disease and those with HIV are not accepted. So you understand that we can not show the exact location. This information will be available to potential participants. But the mystery has of something appealing.  

             We shall be near the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, which will allow us to make a leap in the small Czech enclave, but also to Prague, Dresden and Görlitz, Germany. There will also be a visit of places of interest in the region: coal mines, power plants, a visit to a castle ... Welcome!

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"Children with HIV may be happy" - Educational workshops for parents / tutors who care for children living with HIV / AIDS: The project aim is to increase the educational competence of parents / legal tutors of children who live with a chronic illness. The classes will be followed by 30-40 parents / tutors and their children 0-13 years across Poland. While parents attend classes, qualified teachers and volunteers provide children with interesting attractions. Thank you to support this project by voting on the website of the foundation AVIVA! Thank you to send your questions to our sister organization in Poland, through TDMES.


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Our main programms for 2009

            But we have a proposal for parents and relatives. During "majówk" (weekend in early May 2009: April 30 evening to 03 May 2009), we would like to organize a workshop under the project entitled "For the sake of the future." Meetings are held for several years, and are managed by professionals. The issues raised relate to a huge range of topics, not just HIV / AIDS. These meetings are based on the experience of previous workshops, and especially on those families who already have some experience.

            Main topics are: the preparation of the designated person (parents, guardians) to talk to children about HIV infection. We call this process the information. Stages of development and problems associated with this, the development of a child from infection, information - when, how and to whom, and the importance of ARV therapy, the latest medical reports, to minimize side effects of antiretroviral medication, social support, exchange of experience between the parents. Participation in classes, meals and accommodation are free for you.

            If we have enough funds, we plan for the evening (games) with their children. We must therefore make a detailed schedule. We are very close to the participation of parents, who so far have not been invited to such workshops. Of course, these subjects are only our suggestions, we are flexible and open to your ideas. You can even suggest other equally important subjects. Please send them by email to Your ideas and suggestions are very important for us !

            Another new challenge for us is to organize the trip to Paris. Last year, we have had contacts with the French organization, which also works with young people living with HIV / AIDS. For several years we have tried to cooperate with NGOs in France and Germany. This time we have succeeded! At the meeting, which takes place during our stay, unfortunately, we can invite only a very small group. The reason is mainly the high cost, but the rules of the organization in Paris. The first condition is the age (under 18). The second - the group can not exceed a certain number of participants. The third reason - at this meeting we can not bring that infected people (plus one interpreter).

            We would like to go with our group, however, the above conditions have forced us to limit the group of participants. Therefore, we decided to invite people we know who are already participating in "Turnusach. the activities of the workshop with the french will be a great educational quality, we hope. For this project, we have already closed the list of reservation. We would like to share experience and we hope this is only the beginning of a new education. Travel and Training: we must do everything to ensure that next year, the group can go further. Maybe in another country, just as interesting.

            In writing about the plans for 2009, we can not ignore the important events of the previous year. For the first time at the National Council for people living with HIV / AIDS organized by SIEC  PLUS, two girls adolescents have been invited.

         Several years of experience and working with children living with HIV / AIDS have shown the need for education and onformation very young people. It is important that future decisions are prudent and thoughtful. People living with HIV / AIDS often have low self-esteem, young people are afraid to dream. We must not abandon them to face the belief that HIV is still in all fields a limitation.
            They need not consider the avenircomme "Matek. Wives, fathers, husbands or partners: Do not they see their future only in relation to AIDS care, thinking that their lives will be short and lonely. We try to change these attitudes. This is difficult because the relationship of society to people living with HIV continue to be negative. Moreover, it is not easy to entrust young people to trusted adults, believers in their own strength. Participation in the conference has enabled girls to know people who have 5, 10 or 20 years of living with HIV and are still able to laugh, enjoy life and achieve their dreams. They have relatives and friends, and although some people still feel some form of rejection - do not give up. We are confident that this meeting has changed our way to think the cares positively.
              In addition, they had the chance to acquire knowledge, they have obtained during visits to the doctor or through brochures. It is difficult for parents to put aside the negative emotions to focus objectively on the education of their children. It seems that this will protect them from the thought of HIV / AIDS. Ultimately, once again we are convinced that young people are aware of their infection and the consequences. But there is a lack of knowledge and contacts with people in similar situations. Feelings, thoughts and emotions associated with the disease are not modified when they become adults.

            Finally, I want to warmly thank all the organizers and Wojtkowi "the fact that, despite a very young age, girls were able to participate in all activities of their choice. With warm words that have answered their concerns. We hope that the next Congress will be able to host a small group who is willing to participate in this meeting. Again, thank you to SIEC PLUS!

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