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        The AIDS Information and Support Centre (TASC) is an indigenous HIV and AIDS service not for profit non-governmental organization established in October 1989 assisted by Project HOPE, a private voluntary international organization and USAID. TASC's initial focus has been, and still is, in capacity enhancement of broad based target population groups and stakeholder clusters, a strategy for curbing the advent and impact of HIV and AIDS in Swaziland. 

       The target population groups and entities include helping formal and informal institutions to incorporate HIV/AIDS education, care, and support service provision to their cohorts. Assisted and capacitated population groups include traditional healer organizations, nurse professionals, the private sector, rural community based population groups, urban and semi-urban settings, workplace population, women, youth groups, people living with HIV and AIDS, AIDS affected persons, and couples.

              Seventeen (17) years, later TASC's commitment to lead in the fight against HIV/AIDS is no less important.

Ms. Thandi Nhlengethwa  
(our executive director, at The Stephen Lewis Foundation )

Our expertise

TASC is recognized nationally and internationally as a Best Practice entity in areas such as:


-   Initiative to develop the HIV & AIDS counselor support & training program in Swaziland (from late 1989 / Early 1990)

-    Initiative in the provision of voluntary drop-in service for HIV & AIDS counseling & testing (1992)

-         Initiative in the formation of the first support group of People Living With HIV & AIDS (PLWH/A,1993)

-        Initiative in the conduct of quality assured (WHO approved) rapid HIV testing (1998)

-          Initiative in the roll-out of the mobile VCT outreach service (1999)

-       Initiative and national accreditation for the conduct of VCT training contributing to the national VCT roll-out strategy (2002)

-       service preceded by same organization's initiative of the HIV & AIDS counselor training

since 1989/90 (ref 1st bullet)

-       Initiative in the development and implementation of a dynamic weekly HIV & AIDS television programm (2002-2006)


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        The AIDS information
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